Prairie Pine Plantation
488 County Road 7
Ashland, NE  68003
(402) 944 - 3293
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2023 Season

Scotch Pine:  $7.00 per foot

White Pine:   $8.00 per foot
Austrian Pine:   $8.00 per foot

Frasier Fir:   $11.00 per foot
Balsam Fir:   $11.00 per foot
Douglas Fir:   $11.00 per foot
Concolor Fir:   $11.00 per foot
Norway Spruce:  $11.00 per foot

Blue Spruce:   $16.00 per foot
Black Hills Spruce:   $16.00 per foot

If you would like price information not listed above;
please call for details.

* Plus NE State Sales tax of 5.5% and
Federal per tree tax of $0.15.

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